User menu - Your settings

The options in Your Settings under the User menu enable you to configure the display of your Linnworks user account individually and options to change your Linnworks login email and password. The Your settings screen includes a collapsible right-hand menu with two tabs: Account details and Security.

menu settings v3

NB! The options visible in this screen depend on your user permissions.

Table of Contents:

Account details

The sections and options visible under the Account details screen depend on your user permissions. 

System settings

The System settings section is accessible to all users by default.

your settings new

  • My location - the Linnworks location you primarily work from. Sets the default location opened in screens like My Inventory and Open Orders.
  • My country - the country you primarily work from. Sets the default country added in instances like creating a new direct order.
  • Default screen - enables choosing the Linnworks screen that is always opened first when logging in.
  • Windows default size -  enables to set the default behaviour of any resizable popup windows in The options are Windowed (small) or Full Screen (maximized).
  • Display help links - when this setting is enabled,  the system displays links to respective documentation as a '?' icon in various parts of the system.
help link
  • Display side menu text - when this setting is enabled, the system displays menu titles under the icons on the side menu. When disabled, only the icons are displayed.side menu text

Basic & Company details

Basic details and Company details sections are only visible to the Account holder and users with the respective permissions enabled.

This section holds information about your business associated with your Linnworks account like the Account holder name, business address, your contact phone number, etc.

account details


The Security section in Your Settings is available for all users.

security v2


Here you can change your Linnworks login email address by clicking on the Change email address button.

If you are changing the Account holder email:

  • Make sure the new email is not already added as a secondary user in User Management.
  • In order to retain all tickets associated with the account, the current Account holder needs to log in to the Support Center via Support menu at least once before the email is changed.


Clicking on the Change password button enables you to change your Linnworks login password.

NB! Users with access to multiple Linnworks databases need to use a password that meets the highest level of password complexity set across all accessible databases as per the Password Policies for Multilogin.

For any other cases, the Minimum Strength Required level depends on the settings that the Account holder has assigned to all users under Settings > General Settings > System > Password policy > Password Complexity.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication is a recommended feature in Linnworks. This enables you to use mobile or desktop 2FA applications like Google or Microsoft Authenticator to generate verification codes as a second security step in addition to your password. 

Check here for more info on what 2FA is and why it is recommended for additional security and here for some examples of trusted 2FA apps.

NB! If a user has 2FA enabled and uses SSO to log in to, Linnworks 2FA verification will be skipped. See more here.

 2FA setup steps

  1. Make sure you have your preferred 2FA application installed on your smartphone/desktop.

  2. Go to > User menu (click on your email address on the top right) > Your Settings.
    2FA menu

  3.  Open the Security tab > Two-factor authentication (2FA) > Setup.
  4. A new screen will open providing steps on registering Linnworks with your 2FA app. Scan the provided QR code using the app or manually enter the provided key.
    2FA setup
  5. When Linnworks is registered on your app, you will receive a 6-digit code in the application. Enter the code in the Verify authenticator app section and click Setup.

  6. You will be directed back to the Security screen and the 2FA setting will display a confirmation if 2FA is successfully enabled.
    2FA enabled v3
  7. Click Setup new device to add additional 2FA devices and follow steps 1-4 again, or Disable to stop using 2FA.

In case of a device loss or reset, Account Holders and Admin users can disable 2FA for a user in the User Management screen.

disable 2FA

Remember 2FA code verification

When a user with successfully enabled 2FA logs into Linnworks, they will have the option to remember the verification for 30 days by ticking the Don't ask again for 30 days box in the 2FA code entry prompt. When ticked, the next time the user logs in to using the same device and browser, the 2FA code entry step is skipped for the next 30 days.

NB! 2FA code verification cannot be remembered when the web browser is using private browsing/incognito mode.

remember 2FA

Linnworks reserves the right to update the 2FA feature. Remembered devices may be automatically forgotten earlier than 30 days in case of security updates.

Forget 2FA code verification

After a user with successfully enabled 2FA has allowed a device or browser to be remembered, an additional option is available in the User menu > Your settings > Security screen called Forget all devices.

forget 2FA v3

Clicking the Forget button will remove any previously remembered devices and browsers and a 2FA verification code will need to be entered again on any devices used for logging in to