How To Proactively Avoid Consumer Negativity While Adapting Your Business Operations During COVID-19

“The pendulum of commerce has swung back again.” - Max Wilkinson, Nosto.

The world is changing now more than ever, and eCommerce businesses need to be flexible and dynamic to keep pace.

“Having access to quick capital at competitive rates (is essential).” - Aaron Rossi, Payoneer

But with every adaptation, there are impacts - both predictable and unpredictable - on the way our businesses work and the products and services we can provide for our customers.

“This crisis will dramatically define your brand. Be transparent. Be open.” - Cairbre Sugrue, Sugrue Comms

“Those who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic will need extra working capital to run their business operations. Those who have been positively impacted (will) need additional working capital to purchase stock to meet the increase in demand.” - Aaron Rossi, Payoneer

So ‘how do we make and implement these changes, while avoiding or managing negative consumer opinion?’

"What you do now will affect your business in the future. And the one thing that you can control from anywhere in the world is your email and your customer service. Customer service is an extension of your marketing.” - Jodi Gaines, Replyco

“A brand that is built for long time survival, that makes sure it is engaging (consumers) and showing the right product experience, while managing margins, are the ones who are going to succeed in this time.” - Max Wilkinson, Nosto

Together with our partners and industry speakers, we explore ways in which you can still seek to delight your customers, even through these turbulent times.

“More often than not consumers will be patient with you and accept that these are challenging times and they will be comfortable with those delays.” - Cairbre Sugrue, Sugrue Comms

“Be empathetic. Take responsibility. Apologise.” - Jodi Gaines, Replyco

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