COVID-19 Webinar: Mitigating Risk with a Diversified Approach for eCommerce Business

James Hayes, director of Business Development at Parcelhub, and Stuart Conroy, founder of Activ8 joined our very own Chris Gates, Product Manager at Linnworks, in exploring the ways in which eCommerce businesses can protect their businesses from risk through diversifying their operations and the practical methods to do so.

“Allow the consumer to choose (their delivery provider). Give them power. Give them choice.” - James Hayes

“As you move into new markets, it’s ensuring everything joins up so that you can make very fast, actionable decisions; driving efficiencies and increasing revenue.” - Stuart Conroy

“One major consideration when adding to your sales channel, is maintaining some level of operational consistency; warehouse staff don’t need to worry about which channel the order came from, they just need a consistent way to process those orders.” - Chris Gates

In light of changes to business operations from market leaders like Amazon, combined with meeting the needs of the consumer in response to COVID-19, online sellers turn to more diverse strategies to help them find new ways to reach their audiences.

“eCommerce has been and will continue to be a lifeline for retailers.” - James Hayes

“We’re seeing the power of brands on channels such as Amazon and Ebay. Focus (on building a brand) and then all channels are possible.” - Stuart Conroy

We finished off the session answering questions from the audience as well as discussing the future of the eCommerce landscape.

“It’s not so much about predicting the future, instead it’s about having the data at-hand to take opportunities in different markets or sectors as they arise.” - Stuary Conroy

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